There is a future for live fashion shows vs. on line :)

An interesting interview in Vogue: "The Future of the Fashion Show: Producer Gayle Dizon" - here are few Q&A.

"In New York this season, talk about the fashion business trumped talk about the clothes. Where is your head at about the future of runway shows?
I think there’s going to be a shakeout. It’s not realistic for a lot of these brands [to do in-season shows], especially for a brand like Proenza Schouler, which spends so much time on fabric development and concept development. They’re not easy clothes, they’re not make-now-buy-now-wear-now clothes; they’re really special. You’re probably going to get the more commercial contemporary lines, like the DVFs and the Rebecca Minkoffs, doing it, but they’re using similar silhouettes, similar patterns; they’re not remaking their collections conceptually every season. They can affect that kind of change with their deliveries, but I don’t see how someone who’s honing a craft or doing something really special with embroidery is going to be able to do this. To me, I think the biggest problem is the delivery to the stores—that’s the one thing that the CFDA report got right. Retailers are asking the designers to deliver at the completely wrong times. I’m not a big shopper, but I want clothes when I want clothes, usually when the weather changes. The way designers are delivering everything is completely antithetical to when you’re going to want to buy it.

So you don’t foresee the death of the fashion show?
I think shows are necessary for designers to tell their story of the season. There’s no other way that they’re going to distill that message as efficiently and effectively as with a show. You’ve got all those people in the room—500, 1,000, or even if it’s an elite group of 250—and those people need to see these things, they need to understand what the clothes are, what the story is. And I want to see what [Vogue’s] Camilla Nickerson is going to do with the clothes on her shoots, what [W’s] Edward Enninful is going to do, what all these amazing stylists are going to do in their editorials. It’s not totally obsolete; I think there’s a need for those images. I think shows continue, but in a different way."

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