Jackie Kennedy and Melania's blue dress on Inauguration Day 2017

I meant to write about the Blue Dress and the hidden messages behind the choice but I stopped at the similarity with Jackie's style and went on a side path because, frankly, Melania Trump didn't say much, looked so far to be just the "trophy wife" of the new president, with all prerogatives: beautiful, stylish, and quiet. Which makes some of us wonder why Trump himself was so hard on Mrs. Khan ?!...but that's another story. In search of what was already said on our latest most trusted source, the internet, I found most interesting facts about Jackie Kennedy instead.

She was born in a wealthy family but her father lost the money during the Great Depression. Her step father was rich but didn't share with the kids (Jackie and her sister), and Jackie actually had to take a job with Washington Times - Herald because she needed a salary.

As the First Lady, she redesigned the White House and the exterior of the Air Force One. She wanted to be "the art director of the twentieth century". After her presidential husband's death, she did not return to the White House, even though her friend, Hillary Clinton, invited her when she became herself First Lady.

After her second husband, Aristotle Onassis, died, she took a job as a New York editor and did a lot of the hands on very tedious job of editing, published books on art, history and memoirs.

Melania Trump dropped from college after a year, and had for a few years a modelling career until she married Donald Trump. She also speaks six languages.

Is there any similarity between these First Ladies, beyond the blue dress style?

From Hollywood Life Fashion, I give you two American First Ladies:

For more details on the facts of Jackie Kennedy, here is the link for my source:


As a foot note: blue is not the color of the day, despite being brought forward by a First Lady - Pink is, what turned out to be the color of The People who started protesting the same Inauguration Day and are still going....To Be Continued!