NYFW & AncaDesign - a Spring love affair!

Anca of AncaDesign on the runaway, back there, shortest "model", but excited to be at Small Boutique Fashion Week, in NY!...I love the fashion shows, of all kind, but New York has a different energy, because it takes the whole city over for a week, it spills on the streets and on line :) A magnet for designers, models, artists of all trades, New York Fashion Week draws together fashion lovers from everywhere, in a madness of colors, styles, fabrics and what not! 
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Fashion for Spring 2017

After Crystal Couture Show & Sales, AncaDesign goes to the favorite fashion city: New York, NY! Beautiful colors dominate the collection: a golden sunny for skirts, elegant teal, light blue with a hint of fuchsia and purple for shirts, and deep bright red. Classy details on sleeves, collars and bottom of the skirts, textured fabrics and patterned light faux furs. You can have a whole new wardrobe, for each moment of the day and caprice of the season, all in one AncaDesign Collection!



Venue: Studio 450, 450 West 31st street 12th floor

The collection from Crystal City runaway has few new additions to make pretty for New York, so even if you have seen it once, there are few surprises coming up!


Jackie Kennedy and Melania's blue dress on Inauguration Day 2017

I meant to write about the Blue Dress and the hidden messages behind the choice but I stopped at the similarity with Jackie's style and went on a side path because, frankly, Melania Trump didn't say much, looked so far to be just the "trophy wife" of the new president, with all prerogatives: beautiful, stylish, and quiet. Which makes some of us wonder why Trump himself was so hard on Mrs. Khan ?!...but that's another story. In search of what was already said on our latest most trusted source, the internet, I found most interesting facts about Jackie Kennedy instead.

She was born in a wealthy family but her father lost the money during the Great Depression. Her step father was rich but didn't share with the kids (Jackie and her sister), and Jackie actually had to take a job with Washington Times - Herald because she needed a salary.

As the First Lady, she redesigned the White House and the exterior of the Air Force One. She wanted to be "the art director of the twentieth century". After her presidential husband's death, she did not return to the White House, even though her friend, Hillary Clinton, invited her when she became herself First Lady.

After her second husband, Aristotle Onassis, died, she took a job as a New York editor and did a lot of the hands on very tedious job of editing, published books on art, history and memoirs.

Melania Trump dropped from college after a year, and had for a few years a modelling career until she married Donald Trump. She also speaks six languages.

Is there any similarity between these First Ladies, beyond the blue dress style?

From Hollywood Life Fashion, I give you two American First Ladies:

For more details on the facts of Jackie Kennedy, here is the link for my source:


As a foot note: blue is not the color of the day, despite being brought forward by a First Lady - Pink is, what turned out to be the color of The People who started protesting the same Inauguration Day and are still going....To Be Continued!




Small Boutique Fashion Week - Bright and Shiny AncaDesign takes the new collection: Bond Girls, to New York City!

I invite all friends and fashion lovers to SBFW, Small Boutique Fashion Week in NY, for the first showing of the Bond Girls Collection :) and a lot more! Inspired by the James Bond movies, but not reproductions, the gowns are meant to capture the spirit and look of a Bond Girl, bad or good :)...You run in it and your high heels, you jump off the buildings, you play in the casino, or yacht away under the moon light!
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When: September 11, 8pm
Where: 450 West 30th Street 12th Floor, New York, NY

Model: Alexis Douglas  Photography by liveart101photo

Model: Alexis Douglas

Photography by liveart101photo

SBFW Atlanta 2016

We traveled a long way to the beautiful city of Atlanta, dresses packed in the back of the car, never been there before and a little weary of how AncaDesign will be received. We found a great and warm audience, beautiful models, the assistant we didn't bring with us :) We had a good time and a successful show - what every designer hopes for! #sbfwatl #newfashionavenue #ancadesign #summer2016 #runaway

‪#‎WynwoodWalls‬ Miami, a great place to enjoy graffiti art and the best place to shoot my many colors dress, almost a piece of graffiti itself :) Every street and every corner you turn, you can enjoy colors, patterns - I designed the dress with this place in mind, and I was happy to see that it fit in so perfectly!...Or so I believe :) So, here, sharing with the class, more ‪#‎AncaDesign‬ and the walls at Wynwood!

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Wynwood Walls, Miami - Summer in Colors :)
Model: Denisa
Design by AncaDesign
Photography by Martin - Lighting assistant: Matthew B.

There is a future for live fashion shows vs. on line :)

An interesting interview in Vogue: "The Future of the Fashion Show: Producer Gayle Dizon" - here are few Q&A.

"In New York this season, talk about the fashion business trumped talk about the clothes. Where is your head at about the future of runway shows?
I think there’s going to be a shakeout. It’s not realistic for a lot of these brands [to do in-season shows], especially for a brand like Proenza Schouler, which spends so much time on fabric development and concept development. They’re not easy clothes, they’re not make-now-buy-now-wear-now clothes; they’re really special. You’re probably going to get the more commercial contemporary lines, like the DVFs and the Rebecca Minkoffs, doing it, but they’re using similar silhouettes, similar patterns; they’re not remaking their collections conceptually every season. They can affect that kind of change with their deliveries, but I don’t see how someone who’s honing a craft or doing something really special with embroidery is going to be able to do this. To me, I think the biggest problem is the delivery to the stores—that’s the one thing that the CFDA report got right. Retailers are asking the designers to deliver at the completely wrong times. I’m not a big shopper, but I want clothes when I want clothes, usually when the weather changes. The way designers are delivering everything is completely antithetical to when you’re going to want to buy it.

So you don’t foresee the death of the fashion show?
I think shows are necessary for designers to tell their story of the season. There’s no other way that they’re going to distill that message as efficiently and effectively as with a show. You’ve got all those people in the room—500, 1,000, or even if it’s an elite group of 250—and those people need to see these things, they need to understand what the clothes are, what the story is. And I want to see what [Vogue’s] Camilla Nickerson is going to do with the clothes on her shoots, what [W’s] Edward Enninful is going to do, what all these amazing stylists are going to do in their editorials. It’s not totally obsolete; I think there’s a need for those images. I think shows continue, but in a different way."

Read more-  http://www.vogue.com/13433823/the-future-of-fashion-shows-gayle-dizon/


Visit AncaDesign at Crystal City Doubletree Hotel, Saturday May 7, 2-6pm

Who: The organizers of #DCFashionWeek are producing a special mother/daughter fashion show at the WDTS III (Washington Designers Trunk Show III, Mother's Day Edition)

What:  AncaDesign, along with other vendors, invites you to see the summer outfits in the pop-up retail market, followed by a live fashion show with mother & daughter models.  

Where: Crystal City Doubletree Hotel, 300 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, VA 22202. The hotel is minutes from downtown Washington.

Why:   This event highlights that special relationship between mothers & daughters and allows them to share their love of fashion & beauty.

When: Saturday, May 7, 2016. Pop Up Retail Market from 2 PM to 6 PM. Fashion Show at 7:00 PM

Perfect Climate Change Coat :)

I thought hard about what coat to bring in the already large assortment of coats on the market. The weather has been crazy, not cold enough, not hot enough...This coat is perfect! I avoided heavy interfacing, used a natural fiber for lining (rayon, made of chemically processed trees, but still retaining some of the properties of the natural source it's made of). The fabric in the shell is a blend of wool, rayon and polyester - warm, cool and breathing in the same time. And light! You can wear layers under it, if it's cold, or no layer and it will be comfortable enough in warmer weather. I really believe it will cover fall, winter and spring with no problem :)

Fall arrived at www.newfashionavenue.com, with its beautiful colors

Brittany top will fit in perfectly with all the hues of rusted red, and the light catching trees. Shown on the DC Fashion Week runaway in September, it is available now for retail, in threes sizes: S/M/L, in a textured slightly stretch fabric, with traditional Eastern European detail, in a black and white contrast.